Richard was sitting on a big plastic bucket holding a glass Jar. When I asked him for advice he leaned back and said Yeah I got one for you.

Don’t buy lottery tickets!

Instead put the five dollars you would have spent on the tickets into the bank and after a year, thats 52 weeks times the 5 dollars you put in, that’s…… a lot of money, lets say its a Thousand dollars. That’s like winning the lottery.

Next what you want to do is spend it.  Spend it on the day after thanksgiving because things are 60 or 70 percent off. So thats like doubling your money right there.


“Yo yo yo can you help a guy get on the train.”  said Sebastian sporting a red and black club patterned  button up shirt. He spoke with a cheerful rhythm as I asked for some wisdom.  He paused for a moment and then said this:

People are the most important thing, it does not matter how shinny the object is, it will always come back to the people in the end.


I was waiting in line to get into a bar to meet up with some co-workers when Steve approached me. I had spoke to steve in the past but he did not remember talking to me. When I asked him for advice his eyes light up. He began asking me a series of questions.

Do you love god? Did your eyes open today? Thank you god! Do you have a house over your head? Thank you god! Thank you god!

Steve listed three or four more things all of which ended with him saying,Thank you god.

Ronnie Jones

I saw Ronnie sitting in a wheel chair  in between a crowd of people waiting for the bus. He looked over at me gave me a big smile and lifted up his cup. Ronnie gave off a very warm and welcoming feeling.   When I asked him for advice, he smiled in a way that told me he had some wisdom he was excited to share.

Do the right thing in life and god will bless you.


When I asked Steve for advice a big smile came over his face. He said.

You know, the best advice I can give you is,

Live your life the best that you can, because it will become better than it was.


Don’t join the army. – Leonard

I ran into Leonard sitting on some steps around 11pm. After he gave me the advice, I had a nice conversation about his life. He told me about his time as a radio operator  during the vietnam war where he would call in airstrikes and how much destruction they caused.  He spoke about working on a fishing boat for a year until he decided to call it quits after holding on for life after being hit by 20ft wave after wave.  I enjoyed the talk.



I ran into bill at about 10 pm. He was a happy guy and laughed at everything I said.  Here was his advice.

If you find yourself in the desert don’t use an out house. – Bill

Bill Burst into laughter.