Jerry was out side the Wicker park Jewel Osco and was looking for change to hop on the bus. He was an older man with a cane.

I asked for advice and he responded “Whats going on?”, ready to help me.

Below is a list of items I remember Jerry telling me but he had a lot more things to say. Moving forward I’m going to start recording these conversations so I can better transcribe what people say, because Jerry was full of good advice.

Just keep going and you will be successful. After everyone else has given up on you, If you don’t give up on yourself you will succeed.

Don’t talk about your Money or your love life. And you will be alright.

Why do Rich people commit suicide? If I was rich I wouldn’t do that.

I may be poor but I’m happy.

I gave him a few dollars and he started walking towards the bus, but quickly turned around because he forgot a bag with peanut butter and bread someone had give him earlier. He grabbed it and then he went on his way.