I was waiting in line to get into a bar to meet up with some co-workers when Steve approached me. I had spoke to steve in the past but he did not remember talking to me. When I asked him for advice his eyes light up. He began asking me a series of questions.

Do you love god? Did your eyes open today? Thank you god! Do you have a house over your head? Thank you god! Thank you god!

Steve listed three or four more things all of which ended with him saying,Thank you god.

Ronnie Jones

I saw Ronnie sitting in a wheel chair  in between a crowd of people waiting for the bus. He looked over at me gave me a big smile and lifted up his cup. Ronnie gave off a very warm and welcoming feeling.   When I asked him for advice, he smiled in a way that told me he had some wisdom he was excited to share.

Do the right thing in life and god will bless you.


When I asked Steve for advice a big smile came over his face. He said.

You know, the best advice I can give you is,

Live your life the best that you can, because it will become better than it was.


Don’t join the army. – Leonard

I ran into Leonard sitting on some steps around 11pm. After he gave me the advice, I had a nice conversation about his life. He told me about his time as a radio operator  during the vietnam war where he would call in airstrikes and how much destruction they caused.  He spoke about working on a fishing boat for a year until he decided to call it quits after holding on for life after being hit by 20ft wave after wave.  I enjoyed the talk.



I ran into bill at about 10 pm. He was a happy guy and laughed at everything I said.  Here was his advice.

If you find yourself in the desert don’t use an out house. – Bill

Bill Burst into laughter.